Calf Tightness

Dr Jess - Calf Tightness

Calf tightness can hinder my athletic performance and create long-term problems whether I’m an athlete or not? The main function of the calves (gastrocnemius and soleus) is to plantar-flex the foot, propelling the body forward during walking, running, and jumping. Excessively tight calf muscles leads to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, and is termed equinus […]

Featuring on NCTV

Dr Jess - Naperville Chiropractor on NCTV

Dr. Jess was featured on NCTV as an expert in her field. It was an incredible experience, and I cannot wait to spread keep spreading the word of health throughout the community and the world.   No diets or weight loss programs… I teach you the tools you need for everyday life, to hit your […]

Back & Biceps Workout

Dr Jess Enderby - Back & Biceps

Workout Wednesday with Dr. Jess & Noah Defratiesat Dick Cook Athletics! Back and biceps (my personal favorite besides leg day). Why? Most people want to get “jacked” and are told to lift chest and triceps multiple times a week. This is effective and awesome, but if that’s what you are choosing to do, make sure you aren’t neglecting your […]

Back Squat & the Benefits

DR JESS - Back Squat Benefits

Squats can help Today’s featured lift is the back squat which helps to increase overall muscle size, strength and performance. Creates a powerful muscle (quads, glutes, and hamstrings) and increases strength.– Research has shown that strength is gained the fastest on the movement that is positioned first in the workout, and I’d suggest placing a […]

Team Up with Jess


Dr. Jess loves working out, stretching, and anything necessary to ensure you reach your health & goals. Getting you out of pain is a first priority, hitting small goals is second, and accomplishing big goals is the third and final goal. Work for everything. Never stop. You can’t be relentless if you can’t take discomfort, and you can’t be unstoppable if you only deal […]