Back & Biceps Workout

Dr Jess Enderby - Back & Biceps

Workout Wednesday with Dr. Jess & Noah Defratiesat Dick Cook Athletics! Back and biceps (my personal favorite besides leg day). Why? Most people want to get “jacked” and are told to lift chest and triceps multiple times a week. This is effective and awesome, but if that’s what you are choosing to do, make sure you aren’t neglecting your […]

Back Squat & the Benefits

DR JESS - Back Squat Benefits

Squats can help Today’s featured lift is the back squat which helps to increase overall muscle size, strength and performance. Creates a powerful muscle (quads, glutes, and hamstrings) and increases strength.– Research has shown that strength is gained the fastest on the movement that is positioned first in the workout, and I’d suggest placing a […]