Calf Tightness

Dr Jess - Calf Tightness

Calf tightness can hinder my athletic performance and create long-term problems whether I’m an athlete or not?

The main function of the calves (gastrocnemius and soleus) is to plantar-flex the foot, propelling the body forward during walking, running, and jumping. Excessively tight calf muscles leads to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, and is termed equinus deformity.

Dr. Jess works with shinsplints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, calf cramps, low back pain, and so many other things that can be helped with proper stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as adjustments!

Stretching your calf muscles helps with:

  1. Increasing circulation to your lower extremities
  2. Decreasing frequency of leg cramps
  3. Increasing range of motion
  4. Prevents achilles tendonitis
  5. Prevents shin splints
  6. Prevents plantar fasciitis

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!
Xo Dr. Jess