Foods that cause Inflammation

Foods that Cause Inflammation - The Wellness Evolution

Before we begin, it’s crucial to point out that inflammation is normal. It’s the protective and (typically) temporary response of the immune system. So while inflammation is a “buzzword” with negative connotations, it’s fundamental to optimal human health and function. Under normal conditions, inflammation is a self-limiting and controlled process of the immune system. But, […]

Back & Biceps Workout

Dr Jess Enderby - Back & Biceps

Workout Wednesday with Dr. Jess & Noah Defratiesat Dick Cook Athletics! Back and biceps (my personal favorite besides leg day). Why? Most people want to get “jacked” and are told to lift chest and triceps multiple times a week. This is effective and awesome, but if that’s what you are choosing to do, make sure you aren’t neglecting your […]